Wednesday, March 27, 2013


As Good Friday is getting close, I prepare myself. Of all celebrations of the Christian faith, this, to me, is the biggest one. And it's not about chocolate and Easter baskets, it's not even about food and a family get together, although I do enjoy a family gathering. Frankly, I don't like the name Easter for this Holy day. And it is something much more silent and within.

I would dislike for Good Friday to come and go and then to find myself in church on Sunday celebrating a miracle. To me the miracle begins on Friday. And I want to prepare myself for that. I want to be conscious about the gift given TO ME. I have been doing this for some years now and every year this gift is hard to fathom. It is FOR ME!

As of Monday I am withdrawing a bit from the world. I realize how addicted I am to my computer and phone as I choose to spend less time with them. I also do not go out to meet friends, do fun stuff, or spend time in stores and such. Lastly, I withdrew from food. I know we are not always to talk about when we fast but I am breaking that rule. I fast to get weak. When I fast I can't move as fast. I lose strength, and that is the perfect place to be for this week as I contemplate Good Friday and an amazing resurrection FOR ME on Sunday. And while I withdraw, I give my time to the Lord. I just want to be still, I want to meditate, think of, reflect upon and take in Jesus. So I pray. I praise. I read in the Word. I worship.

Grace flows down