Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I am moving to:

When Tim and I sent out our Wedding Thank You's, we printed our blog addresses on the cards. We wanted to keep our friends and family in the loop of how we were doing (as newlyweds), where we were (since we both travel a lot) and what we were doing (mostly adjusting to our new life). We figured we should have one marriage blog and we started one. It was Tim who really encouraged this and I, well I didn't see the purpose in it since I already had a personal blog. Why start another one? But Tim convinced me. We would have a blog together and both write about our life. At some point Tim was really excited about writing about his vows to me. He would take them one at the time and elaborate.

But that blog post of him never came. And the blog (the one I didn't want to have to begin with) became mine, as Tim shared his thoughts on his ministry blog.

And now, over a year into it, Tim convinced me that I really need to move because he believes one cannot seriously blog on Blogspot.  I have always been very happy there, for years now. But like I said, Tim was convinced and I decided to follow his lead.

And so… from now on you can find me on "As for me, I will always have hope "

I loved having everyone here but would you please move with me?
You can grab my button, you can sign up on the mailing list, you can leave comments (who doesn't love comments), and you can start following me there.

Much love, MaddyChristine