Thursday, October 10, 2013

Besides celebration and change...

In my previous post I said that there are many updates to write, there is much to share and there are many stories to tell.  When one is quiet for this long, it's a little hard to know where to begin.

Let me start by saying that Tim and I are celebrating life. I can honestly say that life has gotten more beautiful with Tim in it.  When one marries at age 39, you can imagine the long wait there was to endure. But God saw it fit for me to wait this long. And now that 'it' is here... I continue to be grateful and celebrate the gift of marriage. Looking back I'd say it was worth the wait. Looking back I'd say that Tim was worth the wait. God knew what He was doing, His way was right! And for some reason... as soon as I met Tim, the long wait was forgotten. I was recently told by a friend how those words, spoken by me before, are still encouraging her in her wait.

As one can have gathered by now from reading this blog, my life was not on a bed of roses, neither was Tim's.  And in no way did marriage take away my problems, or Tim's. The difference is... we are together in all those 'problems' and that in and of itself is worth a celebration. How life has changed!

For me, getting married later in life took away that fairytale idea of marriage. And that is a good thing. Tim and I entered it pretty realistically. We didn't get married thinking or hoping we'd be fixed by getting married, that problems would no longer be problems or that somehow marriage would make life grand and easy. I find it important to express that marriage didn't do any of that. So, besides celebration and change, this year was full of growth and growing pains, learning and adapting.

I have come a long way in life and being married shows me I still have a long way to go. And Tim continues to remind me that we have a life time for that. He still reminds me to RELAX and have fun. Just this morning I thanked God for the perfect man He gave me. What a perfect match Tim is for me. After another restless night last night, I lay in bed awake this morning... restless.  I kept turning and sighing and groaning. Tim knows how to make a difference. He took me in his arms and said: "If you would only lie still for 5 minutes." I attempted to lie still but kept talking, sighing and groaning. Tim continued: "I mean, lying still AND being quiet." I decided to lean into him and his wisdom. It took everything I had in me to do just that but well and behold... I fell asleep for a little longer and in a peace I had not had all night. It's the way Tim speaks, it's the way he leads that blesses me tremendously. Another something that amazes me about being married is that Tim often knows how I am doing before I know it myself. He knows from a distance when I am having a rough day. How that works is a beautiful mystery to me.

Tim was worth the wait!
He knows me!
And my Heavenly Father knows me even better and loves me enough to work through my husband to make life better. 

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  1. So fun to see you pop up in my reader. Glad you are well and have so beautifully described how it feels to know you've picked the right guy. We waited longer than most of our friends too and we're so glad we did!


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