Sunday, October 6, 2013

Through her eyes...

There are many updates to write, there is much to share, many stories to tell... but for now I just want to re-live our Wedding Day, today a year ago!  

I thought to Celebrate our anniversary by sharing bridesmaid Melissa's blog post on her blog about our Wedding Day. 
It it so fun to re-live our Wedding Day through her eyes!

Wedding of the Century

So many dreams came true on October 6, 2012. 
So many details came together.
So many people were blessed.
And all because God is good. Even when life is bad. 
He is in the business of restoring what is broken and making it beautiful. 
And in this case, He didn't just make all things beautiful in His perfect timing...
He made them RADIANT.
These two souls have been through more than most could ever imagine in their individual journeys. Pain, suffering, heartbreak, loss, longing. Beyond belief.
And yet rather than giving up hope, they chose to believe. To dig in. To forgive. To heal. 
To allow God to re-create them from the inside out. 
They chose hope.
They were willing to go through whatever it took to become whole. 
And even when the dark clouds remained over their futures, they chose to trust. To wait. To be faithful. 
And here they are. 
In all their glorious redemption...
(this side of Heaven)
The LOVE of God.

a wedding is the painting of a picture of Christ and His church;
you are truly looking, here, at the most beautiful image of His love.

I didn't get too many pictures of the bride, due to the honor of actually being allowed to stand by her side all day. But what I did get was the eternally beautiful image of her face aglow as she worshipped her Healing, Loving Father, and vowed by His grace to bless this man-gift until her dying day. 
I got the chills down my spine at the sight of her walking down the aisle with pure peace and grace all over her being.  And I got the greatest view of all during the whole ceremony. Their precious, emotion-filled faces, taking in every moment and soaking in the power of what was taking place. 
What a true miracle to behold.

And the very BEST part?
 They are living 11 minutes away now-- we get to be NEIGHBORS!!
God IS good!!!!
here are a few shots from the celebration:

Rehearsal time-- cannot believe this is actually happening!

his first wedding-- he was so excited!

i wish he was my date! sooo handsome!

lucky grams got to be his date instead!
my main squeeze bringing the videography skills

my cute parents, without whom we wouldn't be here!

this girl was on FIRE!

the sweet send-off dance--
we all circled around them and danced them off into their new life together!

could she be more Radiant??
Could not be happier for this sweet couple. 
Can't wait to do life together-- 
to learn from them, laugh with them, and enjoy the goodness of our God together! 
Such a blessing to us all!

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  1. Beautiful reminder of your wonderful wedding day - still gives me goose bumps!


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