Friday, January 11, 2013

New Blog

Although this blog is new, blogging and writing is not new to me.  I am a writer, I need to write.  Sometimes I have these creative waves and it just has to get out.  I am also one that needs to process and writing is a great way for me to do that.  I love to share life in a deep and honest way.  I have always shared my life openly, in the good and in the bad.  I like to be real and I truly dislike putting on a mask and putting up a front.  To me there is also beauty in sharing the difficulties in life because I know I am not alone.  Somewhere, someone has gone through the same or something similar.  There is beauty and power in friendship, and in people coming alongside one another with encouragement.  And by sharing honestly I know people in return have opened up.  It's good all around.

But this blog does feel a little different.  Besides my regular audience, this blog is read by a new audience, for one: Tim's friends and family. And for the most part, Tim's audience doesn't really know me.  I loved meeting many of them at our wedding and look forward to getting to know everyone more in the coming months.  I can't wait to get to know people who are dear to him.  But for now it is a little 'scary' to share my heart with people who do not really know my heart. 

So here's to a new chapter, in a new book. I no longer write as just me.  I am now a 'we'.  God has brought me the answer to my heart's desire in Tim and I can't wait to write many more chapters together!


  1. Looking forward to reading more!
    Steve and Kristi Diehl

    1. Thank you Steve! You are our first commenter and we appreciate that. Thank you so much for checking in.


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