Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Often I am impressed with my husband, some time in December was one of those times I was really impressed with him. Tim understands the concept of leading our family, and for now, that is me. He took the lead in something that was REALLY important. I am so grateful I married a man who listens closely to God's heart, wisdom and ways. And when it comes to me, Tim wants to do right by me and be my helpmate. Sometimes that means taking a strong lead.

Both of our lives have changed drastically in a short period of time, but I think it is fair to say my life changed more than Tim's life did. I moved across the ocean, I gave up family and friends, I gave up the home I loved, bought and remodeled, I gave up my production company, and thus my career, if you will. Now, I gave all this up willingly and, to be honest, it was easy to give up. Tim is God's gift to me and everything in me knew that. There was only one way to go and that was to go west and forward. As we are working on my immigration process I am somewhat up in the air with things. I am not allowed to work and am adjusting to our new life. That is not always easy. And thus Tim prays a lot for me and is trying to figure out my needs in all of this.

The morning after God told me to 'just walk and not talk', Tim came downstairs and said he had been thinking and praying a lot about what's right for me these days. I am no longer working, and according to Tim, not using my talents like I used to. Besides... I was so concentrated on him, our home and the homemaking, there had to be more. Tim had been praying and said the following: “I have made a decision about something. I love all that you do for me. You take such good care of me. Your dinners are amazing! Our home is taken care of! You are awesome! But I just really sense you need to stop some of that. So for this coming week I don't want you to clean, cook, bake, do laundry or do any type of grocery shopping. I can do more, and I don't need to be made into a lazy person. I will pick up some chores while you just go out and enjoy yourself. Go see Melissa, go out for walks (knowing that is what I love to do) and I think you need to start picking up your camera and start taking photos again. You do know that I love you no matter what, right? Not because of all you do.' Little did Tim know that God had already told me to stop 'the doing' the day before. That I was still processing, but now for Tim to basically tell me the same thing was a hard pill to swallow. I knew he was right. He led it in such a powerful, strong and loving way that I knew he wasn't asking. He was hearing from our Lord. And there is nothing more beautiful than to follow a husband who is not afraid to take the lead and can be trusted. And so I followed.

The first few days I was doing really well with it. I started to rest, and boy did I need a rest after all the doing and after all the life changing events. What a relief that he was giving me a break. But after a few days, it started to get harder and harder. I felt so guilty. How could I not do anything for us? Tim was working long, hard days in his home office, and I couldn't stand to see him make his own lunch, tidy up the house or make sure dinner was on the table.

And then I had to be honest... I was not only trying to earn God's love, I was trying to earn Tim's love as well. Oh my, not a good thing! It felt like Tim had stripped me of everything, and yet his love was steady. A steady love I have never experienced before. So no dear one, I was not so sure of your love. I guess I did not know you'd love me even if I do nothing. I did not know that my actions do not influence your love for me. We have talked about it since and the new concept is slowly reaching my heart-- I know I can trust this.

I am excited to grow in this area and I know this isn't about Tim stopping me when I go overboard. This is about finding balance. It is about healing. And so I not only embrace the word LISTEN, I also embrace NOT DOING!


  1. I've been reading your story and discovering a bit about you after you left a comment on my blog :) Wow! Such a great story :) I'm going to sign on to follow you and hope to read more about this new direction and adventure you are starting :)

    1. Thanks so much Vicky. I love you stopped by. Looking forward to see your story unfold as well. In all honesty, what you've got on your plate doesn't seem easy. It shows everybody carries their own burden. God bless you and your beautiful family. Until we connect again...

  2. I really love this post, Maddy. I needed to hear it. Thank you for sharing. Love, Amy Estes

    1. Amy, both Tim and I loved knowing you were here. Thank you! And thank you for your comment, it always blesses me to get a note, though Tim noticed first and was excited. I hope we can meet up soon...


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