Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Word

Last year I read some blogs where some people had a word for the year.  They would pray about the word God had for them at the beginning of the new year.  A word to live out, a word that held promise, a word God had for them personally.  I thought that was pretty cool and I wanted a word.  Right away I sensed that God had the word JOY for me.  My life had been pretty tough up to that point and I didn't really know what to do with that word.  So I just accepted the word, and even though very foreign, it held promise for me. Little did I know....

36 days later I met Tim and I knew God was doing a new thing. 2012 turned out to be all about joy.  Joy I had never known.  It was fulfillment.  Dating a true gentleman-- someone who was just so very sure of me, someone caring and strong.  An engagement that was very sweet and exciting.  Planning our wedding was a super joyful experience for me.  And the outpouring of love from friends was a gift that touched the depths of my heart.  To witness true friends being extremely excited about this event in my life was such a joy.  So many people happy for me!!  So much joy!

With 2013 coming into view, I started to think about the 'word for the year' concept and I wondered if God had a word for me for 2013.  Right away LISTEN came to mind.  I knew what God meant by it, and I really wanted a different word.  I didn't like this word.  But I know God has something in store with this word.  So as 2013 unfolds I am embracing this new word and wonder how it will impact me this year.  How LISTENING will impact me!

Something happened to me in December, during my morning prayer walk on our property.  As soon as I got out of the house God told me to just walk and not talk.  I love my morning prayer time.  I love to intercede and pray for friends, and especially my husband.  I see it as my job to pray for him, and I love it!  And for God to tell me to just walk and not talk was really hard.  A few weeks before, God pointed out that He wanted to love on ME as I walked.  That concept is sometimes really hard.  I grew up in a broken family and love is hard to come by in such circumstances.  I learned to earn love.  So to be quiet and not earn God's love is hard.

It makes sense that God would give me the word LISTEN.  I think He is doing a new thing again. There is growth to gain.  To learn to 'just be, and listen' will not be easy, but nevertheless I am looking forward to this year because maybe I will learn more about the gift of listening.


  1. Glad to see you (or read) that you're happy.

    1. Oh Tasha, so great to see you here. Really makes me happy. Know that!
      Are you well?


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