Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Conscious Cuddles

It is beautiful to see how Tim and I develop certain patterns and ways in our lives together. We were looking forward to this taking place, realizing you don't just sit down with one another and decide on how to do things. No, it's something that comes into existence without much effort. It just happens. Suddenly you realize you are doing something that really works.

I know we are still newlyweds but I sure
hope this will not merely be a 'newlywed thing'. I can't wait to get to bed at night. It's such a joy to be together after having been separated for a day and each of us having done our own thing. Reuniting at night is very sweet and something I look forward to. And once in bed I can't wait to wake up in the morning. And we have gotten into this routine where neither one of us gets up before CC's, conscious cuddles. Yes, something like 'conscious cuddles' exists in our home. No matter how tired at night, we always have our cuddles and prayers before going to sleep. And no matter how busy and filled up our day is, we make sure we set the alarm clock early enough we can have our CC's. It really is a sweet thing.  This is one of our habits that slipped in and I sure celebrate this about us. I trust we develop more routines and habits like this.

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  1. Ohhh- that was a mighty tug on my heart- especially the "conscious" cuddles part. If you truly set your intention to always come back to each other- then no amount of separation will be too much to overcome. Yay for both of you :) Happy V-Day!


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